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Dr Becky Ellis - UEA Award Officer

I’m Becky and I manage the UEA Award here at the University, working closely with the UEA Award Ambassadors and Champions. I’ve been working in Further and Higher Education for close to 15 years in a variety of roles including as a lecturer and PhD supervisor at the University of Essex, and for the past two years in professional services. I’m also very proud to be a UEA alumna (Primary PGCE, 2013-14). I’m strongly committed to helping students get the best possible outcomes from their time at university and to help them make the most of their opportunities in Higher Education. I'm delighted to be a member of the AGCAS Skills Award Task Group which represents those responsible for co-ordinating institutional employability and personal development awards, as well as sharing good practice and formulating new research on existing Skills Award schemes. Please do contact myself or the team if you have any questions about the UEA Award. Contact Becky on

UEA Award Ambassadors and Champions: Peer Support

UEA Award students can also get e-mail and one-to-one support from a fellow student in their Faculty/School of Study. Some questions ambassadors and champions are particularly able to help with include:

  • how to make a start on the Award
  • ideas of what to submit to the Award, particularly from your Faculty/School of Study perspective
  • hints and tips on completing your Award
  • a range of frequently asked questions
  • support in knowing how to construct your Silver Award video

Below are the UEA Award Ambassadors and Champions and their areas of responsibility:

UEA Award Ambassadors

Gemma CassettariGemma Cassettari - Science Faculty (SCI): BIO, CHE, MTH and NAT Students.

Hi, my name is Gemma and I'm a Master's by Research student in Bio Science. I completed the UEA Award as an undergraduate and now I'm looking forward to being an active ambassador for postgraduates and all students with a disability. The Award really helped me broaden my skills and develop my confidence, giving me a more competitive CV - so as an ambassador, I want to make sure everyone gets the most out of the Award and that your journey is as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. Contact Gemma on


Sophie Clayton - Humanities Faculty (HUM): LDC and PPL  Students.

Hi! I'm Sophie, a third year English Literature student. I got involved in the UEA Award in my first year, and have found it pivotal in my personal development process. It has made me aware of skills I never knew I had and of opportunities I never knew existed. I became an ambassador to help others experience just how beneficial the Award can be. Contact Sophie on


AlexandrosAlexandros Efstratiou: Social Sciences Faculty (SSF): PSY and DEV Students.

Hello, my name is Alex and I am a third year Psychology student. I became an Award ambassador because of how massively the Award improved my job and career prospects, by helping me pinpoint exactly what employers are looking for. I would love to help anyone who is involved with the award reap these same benefits and utilize the skills that they may not have realized they had before, in order to become more employable and land the jobs they want. Contact Alex on


SemeliSemeli Hadjiloizou - Humanities Faculty (HUM): AMA and PPL Students.

I’m Semeli and I am a third-year Film and Television undergraduate student who first joined the UEA Award with the aim of further developing my CV and improving my career prospects. Over the course of this process, I found that the Award not only helped with enhancing my employability, but it also encouraged me to get involved with opportunities I may have otherwise not considered. In the same way that the Award has pushed me to go the extra mile, I look forward to working with fellow Award students to expand their university experience. Contact Semeli on


Gloria Gibbons - Humanities Faculty (HUM): AMA, IIH and HIS Students.

Hi, my name is Gloria and I'm a third year undergraduate studying Art History, Archaeology and Anthropology. I have found the Award to be a rewarding and incredibly useful experience for improving my CV and diversifying my skill set while encouraging me to make the most of the opportunities UEA offers. After completing the Bronze level, I decided to become an ambassador to help fellow students progress and encourage others to consider joining the scheme. Contact Gloria on


VaidehiVaidehi Ranavaya - Social Sciences Faculty (SSF): EDU and SWK Students.

Hi! I'm Vaidehi and I’m now in my final year of BA Education. My journey with the UEA award has been incredible as it has provided unique employability skills and new ways to make my CV shine. It has been helpful in opening up opportunities I never even knew existed and allowing me to figure out what I want to do after graduating. The satisfaction of completing this award has motivated me to complete my goals. I would love to share my experiences and tips and advice on my course and the UEA Award. Contact Vaidehi on


Alexander SpencerAlexander Spencer - Social Sciences Faculty (SSF): EDU Students.

Hi, I’m Spencer, a full-time primary school teacher and part-time Master’s student in Educational Practice and Research. The UEA Award is a fantastic tool to focus your accomplishments, reflect and plan effective use of your time. Education offers a broad array of transferable skills and I hope to help many of you translate your experiences into a well crafted profile of achievement. I became an ambassador to assist you with the award process, help you make the most of your time at UEA and prepare you for the exciting world of employment! Contact Alex on


LauraLaura Tusting - Science Faculty (SCI): BIO, ENV and CMP Students.

Hi I’m Laura and I am a second year Biochemistry student. I started the UEA Award in my first year and it has allowed me to develop skills and take on new opportunities which I may not have otherwise thought about. This has helped to enhance my CV and given me a range of experiences to talk about in interviews. I hope, as an Ambassador, I can support others in their progression with the UEA Award, as it is such a beneficial program for developing attributes that employers look for. Contact Laura on


JamesJames Rhodes - Social Sciences Faculty (SSF): NBS and ECO Students.

Hello, I am James Rhodes, a 2nd Year Business Management Student. I chose to join the UEA Award Community as I am really passionate about ‘going the extra mile’ and standing out from the crowd in what is an ever competitive jobs market. The UEA Award enables you to do develop an array of transferable skills across various areas whilst also encouraging you to get involved in new things all in which really enrich your personal and professional development and are proving to be invaluable for me personally both now, and no doubt in the future. I would love to help you on your award journey in any way possible, so please get in touch! Contact James on


MayuraMayura Meenakshi - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMH): HSC and MED Students.

Hello, I’m Mayura, a 4th year Medical student at UEA. The UEA Award has given me the opportunity to reflect on my achievements, recognise the skills attained with each opportunity I undertake, and understand my strengths and limitations. As an Ambassador, I would like to help you make the most of the UEA Award, so that you feel confident in choosing a career path and embarking on it. Contact Mayura on

UEA Award Champions

EsteeEstee Tham - School of Law (LAW)

My name is Estee Tham and I am a third year Law student. I have taken up the opportunity to be an Award Champion as I would like to help as many fellow students understand how the UEA Award can assist them in exploring the potential in themselves and show them to employers. Also, I would love to provide further guidance with what I know about the Award. Contact Estee on


SophiaSophia McGhee - School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies (PPL)

Hi there! I am a third year student, currently studying Intercultural Communication with Business Management. I think the UEA Award is such an amazing programme to highlight your key attributes and skills. My goal is to help you as individuals utilise this programme to help you develop as students. I look forward to assisting you! Contact Sophia on


SandraSandra Tse - School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing (LDC)

Hello! I am a third year English Literature undergraduate student. Because of the UEA Award, I have a better understanding of what employers look for in graduates and what skills I’m lacking in, and this has helped me write better CVs and applications. I love the sense of support in the UEA Award community. I look forward to encouraging this through motivating others and sharing advice as an Award Champion. Contact Sandra on


FrankieLois Arcari - School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing (LDC)

Hey! I'm a third year literature and creative writing student. The UEA Award has motivated me to take on opportunities I'd never dream of otherwise - like working for the council as a Christmas elf! It's also helped me develop excellent commercial awareness skills and most importantly introduced me to so many inspiring and hard working students and professionals. Contact Lois on


ValerieValerie Douglas - School of Health Sciences (HSC)

Hi! I am an Adult nursing student. Being on the UEA Award is a great opportunity to showcase my enthusiasm for self-development such as effective communication, accountability and inclusiveness. The Award is truly beneficial as it teaches students more than just academic skills. It enables students to develop skills in which they become a whole rounded individual, thus transferable within the work sector. I look forward to working with other students and contributing to others development as well as the university. I believe that there is no secret to success it is the result of preparation, hardwork and learning from failures. I look forward to utilising my experience to help others reach their potential within on the Award. Contact Valerie on

Anh Lee - School of Psychology (PSY)

Hi! My name is Anh and I'm currently a first-year Psychology student! I have been on the UEA Award Scheme for nearly two years since my International Foundation at INTO UEA. The UEA Award has provided me with a vast range of opportunities to overcome many difficulties in terms of cultural differences that I encountered as an international student when studying abroad, as well as the opportunities to explore and engage in all the activities including volunteer and part-time jobs which have helped me to improve myself in the most throughout way. I am looking forward to working with anyone wishing to join the UEA Award scheme or having any problems that might need some help with! Contact Anh on