Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

The UEA Award has an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which we'd recommend you look at about making a start, what activities count, award process questions, and what support is available. 

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions:

Can you use previous experience in the Award that was completed some time ago?

Yes, for the ‘Work-related’ and ‘Campus and Personal’ categories you can include previous experience up to two years retrospectively (two calendar years before the current date, and for Year 1 students up to one calendar year before you came to University). For ‘Academic' activities you can submit what you have done from up to two academic years ago (but these must be from UEA).

Do work-related activities have to be related to your degree?

'Work-related' activities do not have to be related to your degree, because the graduate attributes you are acquiring can be gained in a wide range of work situations.

Is there a time limit to completing the award?

The Award can be undertaken over the full three years of an undergraduate course, or the one or two years of a postgraduate course, although we recommend completing your activities well before your final exam period. You are expected to complete and submit at least two activities per year in order to remain on the Award.

I have a lot of activities to write up. Can I apply to start on the Silver or Gold Award?

No, the Award works by building on each level of the Award. You therefore start at Bronze and work your way through each Award level.

Do you have a list of approved activities?

Yes, we have a list of approved activities for the Award, and which category to submit them in. Please note that this list isn’t exhaustive, and if you have an activity that you’d like to submit but isn’t listed, you can always contact the UEA Award team to check if it’s ok. There is also an online activities database for the Award which contains a more comprehensive list of activities generated from previous student submissions to the Award.