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About Study Abroad

The University of East Anglia provides an exciting study abroad programme for both incoming and outgoing students through more than 160 student mobility partnerships. Incoming visiting students attend the University for one or two semesters, with academic credit transferable to the home institution. Programmes are available through: Inter-university exchange (including Erasmus+); Independent enrolment; Science Without Borders; Special programmes: Dickinson College, IFSA Butler; Study Abroad With English; a summer semester as part of our International Summer School; and bespoke Short International Programmes organised for groups from partner institutions.

The University sends outgoing students on study and work placements of either one or two semesters. Opportunities abroad enhance your academic experience and increase employability significantly.

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Why they're supporting the Award

From a Study Abroad point of view, the UEA Award is crucial for students in contributing to developing an understanding of how they can underline their personal achievements both in the UK and abroad. The semester or year abroad contributes greatly to a student’s pathway from education to employment, as it is in itself a phenomenal undertaking, but the Award helps to make this undertaking and the extra effort the student put into it, more visible for future employers too. The build-up of new skills starts at UEA, with all preparations involved in gearing up for a study period abroad, some of which qualify for the Award. When actually living in the host country, our students gain an array of skills that are invaluable for their future careers and that will count towards the Award too. Employers value that study abroad students gain independence and have to be resourceful and will become well-rounded culturally.

Katrien Verbruggen - Study Abroad Team Leader