About the Student Guide Scheme

The Recruitment Events Team runs the Student Guide Scheme. The Scheme gives students the opportunity to engage in the University's recruitment events, such as Applicant and Open Days. These are great opportunities for students to gain and develop your transferable skills for your future career.

As a Student Guide, your roles would vary from:

  • Leading campus tours
  • Leading accommodation tours
  • Showcasing your subject area
  • Manning registration areas
  • Greeting visitors and answering their questions
  • Talking about your student experience (including things like clubs and societies)
  • Helping set up and run events including behind the scenes admin work

Recruitment for Open Days opens in April-May and recruitment for Applicant Days opens in October and December.

Why they're supporting the Award

'We support the award because we think it’s a great benefit to students in recording their work efforts and acknowledging extracurricular achievements.

We think it goes a long way to help people improve their future career prospects and develop their skills.'

Student Guides team