About the PPL Portfolio

The PPL Portfolio was created in the School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies. It is a short reflective piece of work which students complete and discuss with their academic advisers once a year. The programme aims to make students think about where they are on the career decision-making/planning continuum. It is also devised to support them in keeping track of their academic/extra-curricular achievements and progression, so that areas for further development can be discussed and addressed. Finally, the scheme allows academic advisers to know their advisees better and do them justice in recommendation letters.

PPL student receiving the best reflective write up prize from Wayne Taylor, Epos Now

As part of the Portfolio structure is based on the same type of reflective exercise as the UEA Award, it is very easy for students to transfer the content of their Portfolio onto MyCareerCentral and use it as a first submission, achieving both things at the same time. Some PPL students have successfully done so, and one student even got a prize for the best reflective write up last year.

Opposite: Laura Watson receives the prize for Best Reflective Write Up from Wayne Taylor of Epos Now.

Why they're supporting the Award

‘Learning to articulate one’s achievements and how to illustrate them with examples can really help students to shine in interviews and applications, as employers ask all sorts of detailed questions and expect detailed answers – you may think that you will remember what you have done in the past, but you may not! Having interviewed quite a lot of students for internships myself, I can without a doubt distinguish those who have done some reflective work on their past achievements prior the interview, as their answers are far more focused and structured.’

Claire Cuminatto - Employability Director for PPL