About Digital Voyager

Digital Voyager is a four-week, fully online course only available to UEA students, and designed to be taken alongside your academic studies.

The course has two aims:

  • To introduce you to some new digital tools and apps that you might find useful
  • To invite you to think about how you use the digital, and who you are online.

The aim of the project is not to ‘teach tools’ but to promote participants’ awareness of digital issues, practices, environments and choices. It will offer a range of activities and opportunities for students to reflect on what the digital means for them and what they do in and with it personally, socially, academically and in terms of their current and future employability.

Express your interest in joining the Digital Voyager course. The course automatically counts as 5 hours in your 'Campus and Personal section' of the Award when you complete it.

Why they're supporting the Award

'Integrating Digital Voyager with the UEA Award has helped us to raise the profile of the programme and attract participants. Our link to the Award allows participating students to see a real connection between their digital behaviours and identities now and their future employability.'

Emma Coonan, Information Skills Librarian, UEA

Digital Voyager's involvement in the UEA Award

The Library and Careers Central have worked together on Digital Voyager since Spring 2015. This very successful partnership has enhanced the content of the programme, with Careers Advisors not only creating part of the content but also acting as co-educators while the programme is live. Students earn credit in the 'Campus & Personal' category of the Award for successfully completing all four units of the programme, which acts as an incentive to engage with the course.