About Unlocked

Unlocked is a charity established with the explicit aim of attracting high-calibre graduate talent to work in the UK prison service and inject new ideas, insights and energy into the rehabilitation of prisons: to lead subtle changes on the inside that deliver huge benefits on the outside. Unlocked wants innovative leaders to join the prison service to apply fresh thinking and new ideas that help prisoners to make better, more positive choices.

Unlocked run a two-year leadership development programme to help build and develop the next generation of inspirational and supportive leaders. The two-year programme will include a fully-funded MSc in Leadership and the skills which are highly transferrable and valued by employers in the public, private and third sectors.

To find out more, and to apply, please visit www.unlockedgrads.org.uk

Why they're supporting the Award

'I think the UEA Award is a brilliant opportunity for Unlocked to get involved and help support the development of graduates.  In a competitive graduate market, it’s important that students receive feedback from potential employers so that they can develop the key skills that are necessary for their employability prospects.'

Leo McNally - Recruitment Officer

Unlocked's involvement in the Award

Leo gave student feedback to students in the academic year 2017-18 and was matched with students who were particularly interested in policy and community support areas.