About Thyngs

Founded in Norwich in 2016, Thyngs® is a mobile hardware and software platform that makes it easy and effective for organisations to develop proximity-enabled services by adding QR codes, NFC and Bluetooth beacons to objects and locations, connecting them to mobile content and/or payment services, and collecting interaction data in real time. The company provides solutions and services across the charity, entertainment, events, heritage, retail and public sectors.

Thyngs was founded on the belief that real world experiences can be made more immersive through technology, and that the tools required to turn any physical object into an interactive experience should be available to anyone. The company's enterprise-grade technology platform now makes this vision a reality for many brands, marketers, retailers, venues, and charities.

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Why they're supporting the Award

'The Thyngs team already consists of talented UEA graduates, responsible for many aspects of our business. The UEA Award allows us to recognise the role the university has played in our success, and in turn play a part in developing individuals who will go on to find success of their own for other employers.'

Neil Garner – Thyngs

Thyngs' involvement in the UEA Award

Wayne Taylor, CTO of Thyngs, is a member of the UEA Award Steering Group representing small businesses. He has also spoken at the UEA Award ceremony and been an employer representative on our Gold Award Panel.