Written Testimonials Written Testimonials

Research with UEA Award students in the academic years 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017-18 has shown the main potential benefits of undertaking the Award are:

  • Having a record and recognition of your achievements;

  • Building a great CV that does justice to your time here;

  • Reflecting on your achievements, your strengths and next steps;

  • Building confidence, resilience and a flexible mindset;

  • Gaining unique feedback and perspective from employers;

  • Having great examples to use in interviews, covering letters and application forms;

  • Be in the know and get involved in the wide range of activities to do at UEA.

In our student evaluation forms, we received a large number of written testimonials. A selection are shown below:

'The Award has really helped me to reflect on my experiences and identify the specific attributes these have allowed me to gain, as well as make a stronger effort to seek out new opportunities which can help me develop as an individual and stand out in potential future job applications.' Danielle Phillips, School of Natural Sciences, 1st Year.

'The ability to gain recognition for the activities I complete in my life both at UEA and outside of it. It is helpful to reflect on my learning from these experiences and write up my experiences to build up my CV. I know what employers are looking for from me as a candidate and can see my progress through my time at UEA. I actively look for activities because I know they will help me to complete the next stage of the Award, so it also acts as a motivator to get me involved in new things.' Charlotte Gaines, School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing, 2nd Year.

'I feel better equipped to write about my achievements and activities in my CV or to discuss them at an interview. It has encouraged me to consider different career paths which I would not have done before.' James Rhodes, Norwich Business School, 1st Year.

'I feel better equipped to write about my achievements and activities in my CV or to discuss them at an interview. It has encouraged me to consider different career paths which I would not have done before.' Isabelle Hockey, School of History, 1st Year.

'The UEA Award has helped me realise skills that I didn't acknowledge I had, and pushed me to gain new skills through my experiences. It has also helped me develop my interviewing skills and CV writing through using the CARL framework, which is an easy method that provides efficient responses to typical interview questions.' Jennifer Templer, School of Politics, Philosophy and Languages, 2nd Year.

'The UEA Award has given me a new perspective on my career path. It has made me think more critically about decisions regarding my career and has also allowed me to reflect on what I have accomplished. It is great to be able to visually see what you have achieved, this is seen with the badges you attain and the attribute chart that you make as you progress through the award.' Jacob Hewes, School of Biological Sciences, 3rd Year.

'For me the main benefit is finding out about all the opportunities/ activities available at the UEA, there's so much available that I just didn't know about before. It's also really helpful to have all my achievements in one place so I can see areas that i need to work on and what aspects I need to be showing employers.' Lynsey Ward, School of Environmental Sciences, 3rd Year.

‘As a healthcare professional it has helped me to build my CPD portfolio and reflect on experiences I have gained through my degree and other activities outside University.' School of Health Sciences, 1st Year postgraduate student.

'The UEA Award has helped me develop a portfolio of experiences which have helped me to realise what I want to do after I graduate and what skills I need. It's an amazing and unique opportunity that not only motivates you to push yourself and try new things but also helps you develop employable skills and build confidence. There is recognition for all the hard work in the form of a Ceremony and recognition of the Award from employers.' Vaidehi Ranavaya, School of Education, 2nd Year.

'Its pushed me to be more proactive and to always think at the back of my mind of ways that I can be making the most of the different opportunities that are available to me, and to better myself.' Genevieve Poku, 3rd Year, School of Development.

'The UEA Award has helped me keep a record of all the activities I do and the attributes that these have developed. Building this record has also improved my ability to think and write reflectively about what I do, which is really useful for generating a CV- particularly within the Career Management section. Undertaking the award has also encouraged me to attend CareerCentral events and appointments which have definitely helped me prepare and think about life after graduation.' Andrew Ferris, School of International Development, 2nd Year.

'Having a clear list of achievements relating to skills that employers look for has been very helpful. I am now confident that I could write a comprehensive and impressive CV based on the skills I have gained.' Aimee Graham, School of Art, Media and American Studies, 3rd Year.

'I have been able to identify my weaker areas and then work on developing these skills to improve my employability skills overall. The Award has encouraged me to push myself to apply for new roles and have the confidence to look for new opportunities. Furthermore, it has helped me to play a more proactive role as a student at UEA and I now have stronger talking points during interviews.' Rachel Fisher, School of Law, 2nd Year.

"It gives you the push to try things outside your comfort zone and in doing so you gain confidence in all circumstances and learn a lot more than if you stuck to your comfort zones. It also made me much better and reflecting on those activities I’ve been involved in and how a employer may appreciate what I’ve been doing since at university." Michelle Gault, School of Environmental Sciences, 3rd Year.

'The Award gave me the ability to structure all of my skills and previous experiences into a personal 'verbal portfolio' that I have found myself using in every interview I've been in. It has also turned my CV from a bland piece of paper into an actual record of achievements, skills and evidence of those. In a nutshell, the Award has converted me from a person who had no idea about how to step into the career world into one that is now confident and resourceful in searching and securing jobs.' Alexandros Efstratiou, School of Psychology, 2nd Year.