Ha's Mentoring Experience Ha's Mentoring Experience

Ha Tran

Ha Tran, MSc Behavioural and Experimental Economics

I decided to take a gap year in my work life to go to England to pursue a master’s degree and to have some time to look back and find the answer to the question ‘Which is the job I love?’. I had been struggling for years to find the answer. While at UEA I saw the Mentoring Programme offered by CareerCentral and decided to register.

Based on my goals, the programme matched me with Luciana, a professional career coach who works with executives going through professional transitions and career development. I would never have had the chance to connect with such a senior professional. Words cannot describe how lucky I was to meet her. She is not only a professional career coach who excels at a wide range of career development but also a very admirable human with her enthusiasm to help young people. The period of working with Luciana has had a great impact on my career path and my personal life.

Through six months of discussion, in-depth analysis and doing exercises, I am now very certain about the job I love and have a strong belief that I can be successful on a new career path. With Luciana’s expertise and great core ethic values of a “guide”, she shed the light on my career path and gave me the strength to believe in my future success.

I am deeply grateful to CareerCentral for creating such an incredible programme to help students.