Charlie's mentoring experience Charlie's mentoring experience

Charlie Mobbs, BSc Business Finance and Economics

The main reason I got involved with the Mentoring Programme was because I wanted to be able to have extended conversations with someone in the financing industry, in order to help me explore the industry, to help narrow down what I wanted to do after graduating.

Throughout the six month mentoring, I gained a lot of help and advice not just in looking at the different careers, but also getting help looking for internships, with my applications, and also my CV. I was also fortunate enough to be able to gain an internship through meeting my mentor.

From my experience, it’s not just about a professional relationship with someone in the industry, but also having someone who knows the industry, and being able to have conversations about the current economic climate, and other topical matters in a friendly and relaxed setting, and getting to know my mentor, and my mentor getting to know me.

The experience that I have had has definitely helped me with where I’m looking for my future career, and my mentor has also helped me thoroughly improve my CV, with constant follow up, which made me feel as though he really wanted to help.

I would definitely recommend getting a mentor, not only if you’re not sure about what career you may want to focus in on, but also if you do have an idea, it’s a great way to find out more about how to gain internships, have an industry professional look over your CV/cover letter, and to build a relationship with someone in the industry. After the six months I have continued to keep in touch with my mentor, and have continued to receive interest from him in my next steps, which is a great as I continue to build my experience.