Get a head start with languages Get a head start with languages

Speaking a different language fluently is not a requirement for working abroad! However, it doesn’t hurt to learn some basic phrases, like greetings and asking for directions. Many people will be more than happy help you along if you show an interest in learning their language. There are many ways of achieving simple language skills even here at UEA!

UEA Language Society hold weekly conversation meet ups so that people from all parts of the university can get together and practise their language skills.

Studying a non-degree language at UEA? Why not join a class as a 'non-credit' student by taking an undergraduate language module?

UEA Language Evening Classes

Free Online Language Courses

UEA has teamed up with Rosetta Stone, a market leader in online language learning, to provide you with the opportunity to learn one of 24 languages for free. Do lessons on your computer or smartphone, at home or on the move, and start your journey to learning a life changing skill!