Providing an academic link with the work of UEA Careers Service Providing an academic link with the work of UEA Careers Service

The purpose of the School Careers Liaison Contact (CLC) is to provide an academic link with the work of Careers Service at CareerCentral in line with the University's Employability Strategy, recognising the role of both Schools and the Careers Service in developing the employability of UEA graduates. The role involves collaboration to promote awareness of and access to career management resources amongst students in the School.

Role outline

  • To meet at least twice a year with a designated Careers Service Careers Adviser
  • To act as a conduit for careers or destinations related information between the school and the Careers Service
  • To assist with promotion of careers and employability related activities to students within the school or make referrals to appropriate support staff as necessary
  • To help promote awareness amongst academic colleagues of employability related issues and events

In practice, the role requires only a modest amount of a CLC's time, however, it is necessary that frequent contact is maintained and an interest taken in these issues by the CLC within their school. CLCs can be reassured that they are not expected to be careers advisers – the role can help to facilitate appropriate referral to the Careers Service and improve the focus of the advisory system.

Typical activities include

  • Meeting a careers adviser to discuss student engagement with careers activities and to discuss new strategies or information provision, for example, on websites
  • Where admissions personnel require destinations information or other careers related material, to facilitate flow of appropriate information between the Careers Service and school staff
  • Advising a careers adviser on appropriate contacts within the school, for example, to allocate a slot for a careers talk within the teaching timetable
  • Occasionally to distribute information to academic colleagues for example reminding them how the Careers Service at CareerCentral can help their advisees
  • Advising on appropriate School meetings for careers adviser to report latest statistics on graduate employment
  • Collaboration and participation in school-based careers events such as one-off workshops involving employers or alumni

There is scope for extending the role of the CLC or creating an additional role with responsibility for engagement with employers to address employability within the taught curriculum. In many Schools this responsibility is taken unofficially; formalising the role could increase the profile of this important work.