Verbal, numerical reasoning and diagrammatic or spatial reasoning Verbal, numerical reasoning and diagrammatic or spatial reasoning

These include tests of verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and diagrammatic or spatial reasoning and are most commonly encountered by graduates in the early stages of the selection process. Aptitude tests can also be used to help identify strengths in certain abilities although these results are insufficient to form the basis of career decisions.

Psychometric testing is an umbrella term referring to a range of tests and questionnaires that aim to measure ability or personality. These instruments are widely used in recruitment selection and professional development contexts.

Aptitude Tests

Careers Service at CareerCentral staff run several aptitude tests each semester. Each lasts for about two hours and includes tests of numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning ability. The tests used are Saville and Holdsworth (SHL) and are administered by a careers adviser qualified in psychometric testing. The sessions are run under test conditions and candidates are given feedback on their performance in a separate appointment. In addition to practice tests there are a number of websites that students can be referred to giving practice examples of most common tests, including Psychometric Success and Assessment Day.

Personality Questionnaires

Devised usually by occupational psychologists, personality questionnaires aim to provide employers with a reliable method of selecting the most suitable job applicants or candidates for promotion. They attempt to measure attributes like intelligence, aptitude, behavioural preference and personality. Careers Service staff are trained to administer two personality questionnaires, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)* and Quest Profiler. The former is widely known although perhaps less frequently used with students and new graduates. The latter, Quest Profiler, aims to measure workplace preferences and can be offered to both individuals and groups. It is recommended for students and graduates with at least some workplace experience.

*Please note, the Careers Service is currently unable to offer the MBTI instrument.