Career profiles and destination information for PhD graduates Career profiles and destination information for PhD graduates

Research by Vitae shows that of PhD graduates:

  • 14% go into health and social work
  • 10% into finance, business and IT
  • 9% into research and development,
  • Nearly 9% into the manufacturing sector
  • 5% into public administration

There are also considerable variations in employment within academia across disciplines. Only 33% of PhDs in physical sciences and engineering compared to 60% of social science PhDs are still working within academia after three years. This is due to there being far fewer PhD arts and humanities PhD students. Scientists have more opportunity to do post-docs but a much lower proportion will stay on in a permanent post.

To find out more about what researchers from your area have gone into, you can review national destinations information by registering on the Vitae website (a not-for-profit registered UK charity dedicated to active career learning and the development of researchers). 

You might also like to speak to your supervisor or line manager to find out about the career paths of other researchers, and ask your research colleagues about their job ideas. Or speak to a careers adviser about strategies to help you investigate potential career pathways that are right for you and your circumstances.