Identifying your skills, interests, values and personal qualities is very important Identifying your skills, interests, values and personal qualities is very important

If you want to enjoy the job you do, you need to be able to do work which plays to your strengths.

Know your skills

As a research graduate you will be attractive to employers because of your advanced skills and research expertise. The PDF below contains a list of resources, online tools and exercises that can help you assess your current level of transferable skills. These will include

  • an ability to analyse and interpret large amounts of complex data or information in a short time scale
  • outstanding written communication skills including reports, papers and summary documents
  • the skills to persuade, negotiate and influence discussions around new ideas and also in relationships
  • the ability to create, nurture and sustain effective working relationships with colleagues and supervisors
  • experience of dealing with a complex project over a three year period and managing the different stages
  • excellent presentation skills
  • world class research expertise in your chosen field
  • the ability to overcome problems and challenges

Having identified what skills you have to offer an employer, you will also need to consider which of these skills are your strongest.

Values and motivations

Values define a person; they form a crucial part of their sense of identity and give insight into their fundamental motivations. It is crucial to know what your underlying values and motivations are in finding work that you will enjoy and get a sense of achievement from. You will also need to be aware of the values that different organisations have as you may find it difficult to get job satisfaction if you work in an organisation with which your values are not aligned.

Download more resources to help you to think about and identify your core values and motivations (PDF).