New Horizons speakers New Horizons speakers

Below are listed the New Horizons speakers with links to their audio, presentation slides and other information (if available). To broaden your horizons and evaluate potential opportunities you are encouraged to listen to a variety of speakers from across the different organisations.

Please note: the length of the audio files is given below. Unfortunately the sound quality is not very high. You may need to adjust the sound settings on your computer to hear better.

Name Organisation Audio Other Resources
Adam Rivers KPMG Economics and Regulation    
Adrian Bennett Price Waterhouse Coopers (35 mins) Presentation
Amanda McMurray Amanda McMurray Associates  (32 mins)  
Andrea Williams Marks & Clark LLP - Intellectual Property Services (17 mins) Presentation
Anna Bradshaw Herbert Smith LLP (Law) (16 mins)  
Annie Sadler RSPB - Royal Society for the Protection of Birds    
Charlotte Ellerby Norwich High School for Girls (Part 1 - 6.28 mins)
(Part 2 - 2.36 mins)
Chris Maitland Norwich City Council (19 mins) Presentation
Chris Moore UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) (22 mins)  
Chris Wilson Heritage Economic and Regeneration Trust (HEART) (25 mins) Presentation
Chris Bond
(joint with Liz Ward 
- Ministry of Justice)
HM Revenue & Customs - Government Social Research (37 mins)  
David Bozward Dojit Games; Entrepreneurship  (25 mins)  
David McAllister BBSRC - Biotechnology and Biology Sciences Research Council (32 mins) Presentation
David Powles Archant (23 mins)  
Dominic Stevens Norfolk County Council (21 mins)  
Elizabeth Scott Essex and Suffolk Water (20 mins)  
Fiona Sheales British Museum (18 mins)  
Harley Farmer Newgenn (Start Up Company) (26 mins)  
Helen Band Lowestoft Record Office (16 mins) Presentation
Janka Rodziewicz Heritage Knowledge Transfer Partnership, UEA, British Academy (18 mins)  
Jerry Walker Intelligent Fingerprinting Ltd (30 mins) Presentation
Jim Cooke Fisher Scientific (Laboratory Supplies and Equipment)    
Kath Kite Nurse, formerly James Paget University Hospital NHS    
Keith Weston CEFAS - Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (20 mins)  
Laura Phaff
(joint with Robin Finer
- Competition Commission)
Office of Fair Trading (23 mins) Presentation
Lisa Crossman The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) (22 mins) Presentation
Liz Ward
(joint with Chris Bond
- HM Revenue and Customs)
Government Social Research -  Ministry of Justice (37 mins)  
Louise Humphries Social Marketing East (Self Employed) (17 mins) Presentation
Malcolm Brown Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Consulting (Self Employed) (24 mins) Presentation
Martin Rose FERA - Food and Environment Research Agency (22 mins)  
Matthew Draycott Student Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Developer, UEA    
Melissa Hanna-Brown Pfizer    
Michael Roberts Reddie & Grose (Patent Law) (24 mins)  
Natasha Grist Overseas Development Institute (ODI) (25 mins)  
Neil McCallum-Deighton Strategic Communications Consultancy    
Nicole Hunter Thermofisher Scientific (Analytical and Lab Instruments and Supplies) (40 mins) Presentation
Noreen Cushen
(joint with Sara Auckland)
Health Sciences Clinical Research,
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Trust
(37 mins) Presentation
Pamela Welburn ARCADIS UK   Presentation
Patrick Yarker Sainsburys Centre for Visual Arts, Teaching (22 mins)  
Rebekah Smith The Film Festival Doctor (Self Employed) (14 mins)  
Robin Finer
(joint with Laura Phaff
- Office of Fair Trading)
Competition Commission (23 mins) See Laura Phaff for presentation.
Sara Auckland
(joint with Noreen Cushen)
Health Sciences Clinical Research,
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Trust
(37 mins See Noreen Cushen for presentation.
Sarah Ralph IPSOS-MORI (Market Research), UEA (20 mins)  
Simon Ayres FUGRO Geoconsulting Ltd - Geoscience, Survey and Geotechnical Services    
Simon Elsegood Mills & Reeve LLP (Law) (26 mins)  
Simon Jukes LGC (Forensic Science) (25 mins)  
Teresa Fenn
(joint with Tobe Nwaogu)
Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd (21 mins) Presentation
Theresa Ip Marsh (17 mins) Presentation
Tim Bishop BBC, The Forum Trust (22 mins)  
Tobe Nwaogu
(joint with Teresa Fenn)

Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd
(21 mins) See Teresa Fenn for presentation.