Application tips and tricks Application tips and tricks

Thinking points:

  • Structural changes in academia increasingly demands that individuals are creative in their approach to their career: one method is to ‘go global’
  • Academic institutions transcend national boundaries with overseas campuses and collaborative programs: see the institutional collaborations mentioned above in China. HEIs in the USA have followed similar strategies in the Middle and Far East – however, some institutions are now pulling back from that strategy for political reasons.  Whilst the market in foreign campuses is still growing, individual institutions may rise or fall.
  • Stay connected to institutions in your home countries as well as your adopted one, i.e. provide short-term work, projects or sabbaticals: this helps to keep one foot in the door (e.g.,) to stay on the pay-roll, and to stay connected to collaborators.
  • Immersing yourself in a new country/culture/language is likely to be transformative: but anticipate complexity and delay, and find ways to generate the necessary time and energy resources that you will need.
  • Certain personality-traits and learned behaviours may help your move be as stress-free as possible: see
  • Consider attending conferences outside your country to gain insight, and cultivate potential mentors abroad.

For practical insights, resources and advice, see How to Become a Global Researcher hosted by The Guardian Higher Education Network ( ) and the comments and content given in ‘Live chat: working abroad in higher education’ (  Content touches on visas, pensions, job security, and opportunity spotting, amongst other things.

For an overview of national differences in CVs and applications, see

For case studies and insights on pluses and minuses for Hong Kong, New Zealand, Finland, UK, Australia and Italy, see:

On exchange schemes, see -- serves to nurture communities of researchers and provides a global voice for research staff and postdoctoral scholars The European University Institute has an excellent website comparing academic careers in almost forty countries across Europe and beyond. Academic Career Maps in Europe - The League of Research Universities visual representation of academic career pathways for a number of European countries. A series of detailed resources for academic careers in a number of countries from UCL.