What our partners have said What our partners have said

EposNow sees the value of our graduate internships

Adam and Wayne, EPOSnowAfter taking on UEA graduate Adam Garner for a 12 week software development internship, Wayne Taylor, head of software at EposNow has said

"The support provided by the internship team at the University makes the whole process so easy. After taking part in the internship programme it is difficult to see why businesses would recruit in any other way. Given the opportunity and guidance, our interns soon become valuable members of staff."

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Director of Clickers Archery, Graham Harris, highly recommends our summer internships

Clickers ArcheryHaving taken on an intern for a Marketing Santander Summer Internship, Graham found the experience highly rewarding:

"We would be very happy to be involved with the Internship programme again without question. The student we had this summer has moved our marketing from the Dark Ages to the 21st Century..."

When asked if he would recommend the programme, Graham said:

"For student and employer alike, the Internship Programme is a win-win... The student gets the experience they need... the employer gets some graduate level input into their business. What's not to like!"

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