Add fresh talent to your business by hosting an internship Add fresh talent to your business by hosting an internship

What is the UEA Internship Programme?

The UEA Internship Programme is a simple, flexible and affordable way for your organisation to host paid internships. Interns can provide fresh ideas or extra support to complete a project, and students benefit by boosting their employability with paid work experience.

You can recruit an intern for a few weeks to help on a specific project or for longer (up to a year) depending on your business needs. Projects should provide clear and tangible outcomes for the intern and your organisation, and should be of an appropriate standard and nature.

  • We take the interns on for you and pay them through UEA payroll. There are subsidies to help with the costs if your business qualifies.
  • Interns can complete project work for up to 16 hours per week during term-time and full-time during the summer vacation (June– September).
  • Our summer internships are usually 4 – 10 weeks long.
  • Projects must take place at the employer’s premises, we will not place students anywhere where there is not a physical desk for them.
  • We do all the hard work for you to make it as straight forward as possible - draw up the contract, run payroll, support HR and help with any queries you have throughout the process.

Internships can run all year round, allowing you to recruit students and graduate interns at any time, providing extra support as and when you need it.

We’re here to help make the process of recruiting an intern as simple as possible. Get in touch at to find out how we can support you.

How it works

  • Project scope. The first step is to work together to understand exactly what you want to achieve from this internship. 
  • Advertising. Once you have agreed your requirements, simple complete and return the vacancy template. We will then advertise the role across campus for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • Shortlisting. We will check applications for eligibility and send across to you to shortlist.
  • Interviews. Arrange and conducted by you. You then inform us of your decision and provide feedback for the unsuccessful candidates.
  • Paperwork. A start date and time is agreed between you and the intern, and paperwork is signed by you, the intern and UEA.
  • Invoicing. We will invoice you for the total hours that the intern will complete. We then arrange monthly payments to the intern. If the internship is for 24 weeks or more, you will be invoiced quarterly in advance.
  • Support. Provided to you and the intern for the duration of the internship. An evaluation form will be sent to you once the internship has ended.

Talk to us at to discuss your requirements and how we can work together.

Internship costs

We make it as easy as possible by taking the intern on for you and paying them through UEA payroll. As such, all our interns must be paid a salary. The minimum you can pay an intern is £7.38 for under 25s and £7.85 for over 25s. Please note that costs for internships within the London area are subject to London Living Wage. 

Internships are costed at £1 an hour above the intern’s hourly rate of pay, which covers the intern’s salary and additional statutory requirements.

UEA is a Living Wage employer so all UEA Internship Programme roles must pay at least the Living Wage Foundation rate of £9 per hour.

Example costs

  • 8 week, full-time internship = circa £2,566 plus VAT
  • 12 week, full-time internship = circa £3,850 plus VAT
  • 6 months, full-time internship = circa £7,700 plus VAT
  • 12 months, full-time internship = circa £15,399 plus VAT

Interns are paid monthly in arrears through UEA Payroll.


There are limited subsidies available for small – medium enterprises (under 250 employees) looking to recruit interns. You could be eligible for 50% off the cost of an internship, up to £1,000. Please contact us for more information.

If you have an opportunity that you think could be run through the UEA Internship Programme, then contact us now on 01603 593917 or The team are happy to talk through your requirements, as well as other ways to engage with UEA.

Graham, Clickers Archery"As a company we have always been supportive of schemes to give young people opportunities. For both parties we could see it was going to be a win-win situation."

Graham, Clickers Archery

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