Work with students to enhance your business Work with students to enhance your business

Placements are periods of skilled, managed work experience which are usually assessed as part of a student's degree. These are at specific times of the year to fit in with the different course requirements, so it is important to discuss how to work together in advance.

Placements are an in-built part of the university curriculum for a range of degree courses, allowing organisations to draw from a breadth of subject knowledge when engaging with UEA and our students.

All students can be involved in placements, including undergraduates, Master's students and PhD students.

Why take on a placement student?

  • Placements can be an effective way to work with students to complete a project or undertake research for your organisation
  • Students can offer fresh ideas and approaches to tasks, injecting new life into your business
  • Placements can offer the opportunity to identify new talent and be used as part of a recruitment process, acting as a probation period before you decide whether to recruit someone after graduation.

We also offer Science Year in Industry, one year long sandwich placements with students in the Faculty of Science.

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