Our students can make a difference to any business, from a new enterprise to an established multinational. Whether you're looking to recruit future leaders or tap into expertise for a short-term project, we work with you to help you connect with the right talent.

"Students from UEA are fantastic. The work they can do with our clients is really impressive and quite transformative.”
Sam Edwards, Yawn Marketing

Companies around the world recognise the value of attracting our best graduate talent. That's why they collaborate with us to  build relationships with our students, and prepare them for the challenges of today's industries. Here are a few ways that companies like yours connect with our ambitious students.

We host a wide range of careers-related events every year, giving students a clear idea of what’s out there. By attending our events, you can speak directly to students about your organisation, your opportunities and what a career in your industry looks like. Our events are a fantastic way to promote your brand to 17,000 students and 4,000 recent graduates. To get involved in any of them, please contact our team at access.talent@uea.ac.uk.

We offer a free online resource that enables companies to reach students and graduates all year round via their mobile devices. Through MyCareerCentral, you can advertise vacancies, such as graduate schemes/graduate jobs, part-time student jobs, internships and volunteering placements. The resource is open to graduates for up to three years after they leave, meaning you've got a bigger pool of talent to choose from.

Find out more about MyCareerCentral.

Our students are ambitious and crave a challenge. You could be the company that inspires them. Every year, we work with proactive businesses who offer mentoring, speak at events, and help us develop graduates who are truly ready to meet the demands of your organisation.

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Our students graduate into roles at prestigious institutions in all sectors. But you don't need to be a multinational corporation to recruit great talent. Talk to us today at access.talent@uea.ac.uk about how we can help you with your recruitment needs, or make a project happen.