An sRNA software package based on algorithms developed at UEA that performs a complete analysis of single or multiple-sample small RNA datasets from both plants and animals.

The package can be used to identify interesting landmarks (e.g. novel micro RNA sequences) or perform other tasks such as profiling small RNA expression patterns in genetic data.


  • simple to use, downloadable, interactive package
  • allows complete analysis of sRNA genetic data from plants and animals
  • processes large datasets in a reasonable timeframe
  • includes various tools for visualising data and processing multiple datasets
  • detailed written help, tutorials and videos available.

The increasing affordability of next generation sequencing technologies has facilitated the generation of sRNA datasets and concurrently led to considerable demand for tools to analyse sRNA datasets. The majority of existing tools are command-line driven, deliver one specific function, require installation of supporting software packages, and lack visualisation tools. The UEA sRNA workbench overcomes these main limitations of pre-existing software to greatly facilitate our ability to identify and understand the molecular pathways and functions of sRNAs. 



Bioinformatics 2008, 28(19), 2059-2061. doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/bts311


Principal Investigator

Team led by Professor Vincent Moulton


Further details

For more information on this licensing opportunity, please visit the sRNA workbench website or contact the IP Office