Facilities Facilities

Imaging Laboratory

Laser-scanning confocal microscopes

The facility contains two laser-scanning confocal microscopes (a Zeiss LSM980 with Airyscan 2 and a Zeiss LSM510 META) for high-resolution imaging. The 980 system is equipped with six lasers giving lines at 405, 445, 488, 514, 561 and 639 nm, and has the Airyscan detector for super-resolution and fast acquisition.



TriM Scope II multi-photon microscope

This microscope is used for either deep-tissue imaging or Fluorescence Lifetime IMaging (FLIM). It incorporates both an upright and an inverted stand that share the same scan-head in order to accommodate virtually any sample. The 8 detectors include a 16-channel PMT array for very fast, lifetime imaging.

Wide-field, CCD camera set-ups

There are four microscopes for acquisition of widefield, fluorescence images. Three microscopes (one upright and two inverted) are equipped with monochrome cameras and motorized stages together with the software to obtain multi-channel, time-series and Z-stack data; the fourth microscope is a stereomicroscope with a colour CCD camera.

Note: There are also two POC (Perfusion, Open and Closed cultivation) chambers and two Ludin chambers that can be used on all the inverted microscopes to allow perfusion as well as temperature and CO2 regulation.


Analysis suite

The analysis suite on Floor 01 of building 5 contains three workstations each having 18” LCDs, dual 2.4 GHz processors, 64 GB RAM, 2x 1 TB of hard disk space (configured in RAID 0) with either GeForce GTX-780 (3 GB VRAM) or Quadro P4000 (8 GB VRAM) graphics cards. These computers are equipped with the software to carry out time-series analysis, object tracking through time or space, 3D reconstruction and image deconvolution (Andor iQ , AxioVision, Fiji/ImageJ, FLIMfit, Huygens, ilastik, ImSpectorPro, ImagePro, Volocity and Zen Blue). With these software packages comes the ability to export files in numerous formats.

The PCs are also loaded with standard Microsoft Office software and Adobe Photoshop to allow image refinement and incorporation into documents and presentations.

Printing facilities include 2 photoquality colour inkjet printers, 1 colour laser printer and 1 monochrome laser printer.