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van der Meij, A., Worsley, S. F., Hutchings, M. I., van Wezel, G. P.


Chemical ecology of antibiotic production by actinomycetes,

in FEMS Microbiology Reviews



pp. 392-416

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Holmes, N. A., Innocent, T. M., Heine, D., Al-Bassam, M., Worsley, S. F., Trottman, F., Patrick, E. H., Yu, D. W., Murrell, J. C., Schiott, M., Wilkinson, B., Boomsma, J. J., Hutchings, M. I.


Genome analysis of two Pseudonocardia phylotypes associated with Acromyrmex leafcutter ants reveals their biosynthetic potential,

in Frontiers in Microbiology


article no. 2073

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