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Boschi, F., Schvartzman, C., Murchio, S., Ferreira, V., Siri, M. I., Galván, G. A., Smoker, M., Stansfeld, L., Zipfel, C., Vilaró, F. L., Dalla-Rizza, M.


Enhanced Bacterial Wilt Resistance in Potato Through Expression of Arabidopsis EFR and Introgression of Quantitative Resistance from Solanum commersonii,

in Frontiers in Plant Science


article no. 1642

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Hegenauer, V., Furst, U., Kaiser, B., Smoker, M., Zipfel, C., Felix, G., Stahl, M., Albert, M.


Detection of the plant parasite Cuscuta reflexa by a tomato cell surface receptor,

in Science



pp. 478-481

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Ilyas, M., Hörger, A. C., Bozkurt, T. O., Van Den Burg, H. A., Kaschani, F., Kaiser, M., Belhaj, K., Smoker, M., Joosten, M. H. A. J., Kamoun, S., Van Der Hoorn, R. A. L.


Functional Divergence of Two Secreted Immune Proteases of Tomato,

in Current Biology



pp. 2300-2306

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Jones, J. D. G., Witek, K., Verweij, W., Jupe, F., Cooke, D., Dorling, S., Tomlinson, L., Smoker, M., Perkins, S., Foster, S.


Elevating crop disease resistance with cloned genes,

in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences



article no. 20130087

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Lacombe, S., Rougon-Cardoso, A., Sherwood, E., Peeters, N., Dahlbeck, D., van Esse, H. P., Smoker, M., Rallapalli, G., Thomma, B. P. H. J., Staskawicz, B., Jones, J. D. G., Zipfel, C.


Interfamily transfer of a plant pattern-recognition receptor confers broad-spectrum bacterial resistance,

in Nature Biotechnology



pp. 365-369

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