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Chung, J., Wittig, J. G., Ghamari, A., Maeda, M., Dailey, T. A., Bergonia, H., Kafina, M. D., Coughlin, E. E., Minogue, C. E., Hebert, A. S., Li, L., Kaplan, J., Lodish, H. F., Bauer, D. E., Orkin, S. H., Cantor, A. B., Maeda, T., Phillips, J. D., Coon, J. J., Pagliarini, D. J., Dailey, H. A., Paw, B. H.


Erythropoietin signaling regulates heme biosynthesis,

in eLife



article no. e24767

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Wittig, J., Munsterberg, A.


The early stages of heart development: insights from chicken embryos,

in Journal of Cardiovascular Development and Disease



article no. 12

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