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Atkinson, S. J., Gontarczyk, A. M., Alghamdi, A. A., Ellison, T. S., Johnson, R. T., Fowler, W. J., Kirkup, B. M., Silva, B. C., Harry, B. E., Schneider, J. G., Weilbaecher, K. N., Mogensen, M. M., Bass, M. D., Parsons, M., Edwards, D. R., Robinson, S. D.


The β3‐integrin endothelial adhesome regulates microtubule‐dependent cell migration,

in EMBO reports



article no. e44578

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Steri, V., Ellison, T. S., Gontarczyk, A. M., Weilbaecher, K., Schneider, J. G., Edwards, D., Fruttiger, M., Hodivala-Dilke, K. M., Robinson, S. D.


Acute depletion of endothelial β3-integrin transiently inhibits tumor growth and angiogenesis in mice,

in Circulation Research



pp. 79-91

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