Big Roles for Small RNAs Conference Big Roles for Small RNAs Conference

Big Roles for Small RNAs Conference, Wednesday 29 June 2016, 9-5, The Julian Study Centre

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Error-free development, homeostasis and apoptosis requires a multifaceted sequence of events in eukaryotic gene expression. The cyclic nature of RNA polymerase assembly, chromatin remodelling, transcription factor binding, intiation and elongation, RNA editing, splicing and post-transcriptional regulation is known as ‘transcription dynamics’. Small RNAs are functional, non-coding RNA molecules that are key regulators of gene expression. Small RNAs are master controllers of transcription dynamics with roles at both the genome level and in post-transcriptional gene silencing. Small RNAs (including microRNAs, short interfering RNAs, piRNAs and Y RNAs) are found in all eukaryotes. They have been realised to be involved in all biological processes studied; including differentiation, extracellular signalling and stem cell self-renewal. 

Many of the basic findings on the biology of small RNAs were discovered here in Norwich. The detection of the very first short interfering RNA and development of methods for small RNA profiling are two examples. Over the course of the last 15 years, research of small RNAs has broadened hugely. No longer is the work completed by a small community of close-knit RNA biologists. Now it is the ‘everyday scientist’ who stumbles across this biological infrastructure and must get to grips with the techniques involved.  

This rationale forms the basis of our one-day national conference on the study of small RNAs in all areas of molecular and cell biology. We wish to bring together early and experienced scientists from all areas of the field, from plant biology to cancer biology, to discuss their current experiments and ideas; as well as learning the history of the subject through the talks of leading scientists in the field. This will benefit the entire scientific community through gaining of knowledge and the formation of future collaborations by networking. In light of this, we are honoured to have confirmed our plenary speaker for the meeting, Professor Sir David Baulcombe.


Registration is FREE and open to PhD students, postdocs and principle investigators. Registration includes free parking at the event, food and drink breaks and a lunch networking opportunity. During registration, please indicate if you would like to present a talk or poster by sending a 300 word abstract. Presenting a talk or poster is optional and registration can be completed without them. Please also indicate any dietary requirements or food allergies, or requirement for disability access. Click here for registration.


The deadline for abstract submissions is 1st April 2016

The deadline for conference registration is 7th June 2016

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