A supportive platform for researchers within the school A supportive platform for researchers within the school

The Enterprise & Engagement Club was established to inspire UEA Faculty of Science researchers to pursue opportunities in science communication and entrepreneurship. Please visit www.eandeclub.co.uk.

E&E Club Vision

The Enterprise & Engagement Club will create a supportive platform for researchers within the Faculty of Science to pursue, communicate and commercialise innovative ideas.

E&E Club Mission

The mission of the Enterprise & Engagement Club is to inspire, encourage and support researchers within the Faculty of Science to pursue opportunities in enterprise, science communication and entrepreneurship.

E&E Club Team

E&E Club History

The School of Biological Sciences (BIO) at the University of East Anglia (UEA) is an international leader in bioscience research that ranges from ecology and conservation to plant sciences and microbiology to biomedicine. To enhance the reputation, societal and economic impact of the research from BIO, the school participated in the BBSRC Excellence with Impact 2011 award. The award was designed by the BBSRC to acknowledge and reward university departments that are actively embedding a culture which values the economic and social impact of the departments research output as well as its excellence. To maximise the value of the schools participation in the award a team of individuals from all levels of the school was assembled to drive forward commercialisation, enterprise and engagement initiatives. This team was called the Impact Team. It was from within this context that the Enterprise & Engagement Club was established. The Impact Team commissioned the Enterprise & Engagement Club and set aside from financial support for the club's inception. The initial organisers of the Enterprise & Engagement Club were Richard Kelwick (BIO Doctoral Student), Prof Kay Yeoman (BIO Senior Lecturer) and Dr Matthew Hicks (BIO Postdoc).