About Years 2-3 About Years 2-3

During years two to three (and beyond for part time students) the HUM programme places more emphasis on the development of general academic skills, including presentation of research in the wider academic and non-academic environments and career preparation.  There is more emphasis on individual learning by involvement in events and seminars, and through student led initiatives. Students completing the professional academic training courses should have a good understanding of strategies for publication, conference and event management, funding opportunities and the skills for effective presentation in academic and non-academic environments, at the viva and in career interviews, as well as valuable transferable skills which can be used outside the academy.

Examples of courses in Years 2-3 (PDF, 236KB)

Josie Dixon Workshops 2017 (PDF, 267KB)

Year 1 - Starting Your Research

Years 1-3 - Expanding Your Knowledge