About Years 1-3 About Years 1-3

Learning which continues across the course of your research will be supported by the Faculty. Some students will need to study a foreign language, others will need to deepen their knowledge or possibly acquire understanding of new topics or disciplines.  Such knowledge can be factual or technical and is likely to be a mixture of these at different points over the course of the degree. The HUM programme allows research students to sit in on certain MA modules, with the agreement of the tutor, as part of research training. How far you get involved in the seminar is a matter for you, your supervisor, and the seminar tutor. In addition, you can enrol in courses provided within other Faculties where appropriate and with the agreement of the tutor. Students seeking reimbursement through the Faculty Grant Scheme, should ensure that they have submitted an application before registering for a course.

Examples of courses in Years 1-3 (PDF, 229KB)

Year 1 - Starting Your Research

Years 2-3 - Developing as a Professional Academic