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Poster for symposiumTestimony, Memory and Reading Trauma in Representations of the Holocaust

15 July 2017, University of East Anglia, Norwich (UK)

 “I am choking, I am drowning. This pencil and these scraps of paper aren't enough. I need colours, sounds – oils and orchestras. I need something more than words.” -Martin Amis, The Zone of Information (2014)

“Postmemory is a powerful form of Memory precisely because its connection to its object source is not mediated through recollection but through an imaginative investment and creation. Postmemory characterizes the experiences of those who grow up dominated by narratives that preceded their birth, whose own belated stories are evacuated by stories of the previous generation, shaped by traumatic events that can be neither fully understood nor re-created.”
–Marianne Hirsch, Past Lives: Postmemories in Exile (1996)

This symposium provided a critical insight into contemporary representations of the Holocaust in Fiction, Poetry, Film, Historical and artistic interpretations. The event featured panels consisting of University of East Anglia staff and postgraduate research students, as well as scholars and practitioners from other institutions and industries.


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