Archives and Heritage Archives and Heritage

The UEADHi has access to world-class archives which offer possibilities to engage with new digital platform interpretations, digitisation, and born digital dilemmas, thus leading the way in envisaging radical new questions for scholars in the Humanities

The archives that are an integral part of the UEADHi network include:

The British Archive of Contemporary Writing - BACW

The BACW at the University of Anglia has an extensive collection of literary material, recordings and transcripts of interviews with authors, papers of publishing and literary agencies, etcetera. The Archive is having to contend with digitisation and the challenge of born-digital material, which offers exciting avenues of research and growth.

The East Anglian Film Archive - EAFA

EAFA, the first Regional Film Archive in England, was established in 1976. Since 1984 the Archive has been owned and operated by the University of East Anglia as a not for profit research and public access resource. The Archive is located in the Archive Centre at County Hall, Norwich. EAFA's collection comprises of 12,000 hours of film and up to 30,000 hours of videotape mainly relating to the East of England region (Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk). It also has holdings of national and international scope.

The Photographic Collection at the Sainsbury Centre

This Collection, housed in the Sainsbury Centre, contains approximately 150,000 prints and 500,000+ negatives and positives, making it one of the largest of its type in the UK. Designed by Sir Norman Foster, this space is also home to rare books, manuscripts, post cards, posters and many other types of art related documents and ephemera from around the world.

The Norfolk Record Office - NRO

The Norfolk Record Office (NRO) is a joint service of the County and District Councils of Norfolk that collects and preserves unique archives relating to the history of Norfolk, and makes them accessible to people in Norfolk and across the world. It includes the Norfolk Sound Archive.