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Previous World Art Research Seminars

Autumn/Winter 2018

3 OCTOBER // Lisa Newby (UEA)
Eduardo Paolozzi and ‘Ethnographic Surrealism’ in Postwar London

10 OCTOBER // Andrew Finegold (SRU / U Illinois at Chicago)
Vital Voids: Cavities and Holes in Mesoamerican Material Culture

17 OCTOBER // Joanne Clarke (UEA) and Nick Brooks (UEA)
Rock Art of Western Sahara
*From 4pm: Book Launch for The Archaeology of Western Sahara

24 OCTOBER // Iuliana-Elena Gavril, (NUA)
Architectural Criticism in Byzantium: Misplaced Concept and Endeavour?

31 OCTOBER // Caroline van Eck (Cambridge)
Piranesi’s Colossal Candelabra: Trophies, Totems, and other Ritual Objects

14 NOVEMBER // Cadence Kinsey (York)
Fluid Dynamics

21 NOVEMBER // Frederik Byrn Køhlert (UEA)
Staring at Comics: Disability and Visuality in Al Davison’s The Spiral Cage

28 NOVEMBER // Amy Tobin (Kettle’s Yard)
Inner City Environment: Candace Hill in New York

5 DECEMBER // Alison Wright (UCL)

12 DECEMBER // Chris Wingfield (SRU)
#ArtMustFall: Iconoclasm in a Time of Decolonisation

Spring 2018

17 January 2018
Dr. Dan Rycroft (Art History and World Art Studies, UEA)
Indian Anthropology: What Does it Mean Now?

24 January 2018
Dr. Cadence Kinsey (History of Art, University of York)
Fluid Dynamics

Dr. Ed Krčma
Fortuna: Drawing, Contingency and Constraint in a Digital Age

01 February 2018 (NB Thursday)
Dr. Sarah Guérin (History of Art, University of Pennsylvania)
From Seville to Paris: Ivory Carving in Gothic Europe

7 February 2018
Dr. Ben Thomas (History of Art and Media, University of Kent)
Curating Raphael's Drawings: Invention and Eloquence

14 February 2018
Dr. Philip Riris (Archaeology, UCL, and SRU Fellow, UEA)
Rock Art and Sacred Landscapes of the Atures Rapids (Middle Orinoco, Venezuela)

28 February 2018
Prof. Kojiro Hirose (National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka)
Hands of Goze: The Tactile Culture of Visually-impaired People in Modern Japan

7 March 2018 - Seminar will be rescheduled!
Prof. Caroline van Eck (History of Art, Cambridge)
Piranesi's Colossal Candelabra: Trophies, Totems and other Ritual Objects

14 March 2018 - Seminar will be rescheduled!
Prof. Matthew Treherne (Italian Literature, University of Leeds)
Seeing and Unseeing: Visual Art and Contemplation in Dante’s Commedia

18 April 2018
Dr. Annie Grant (Hon. Research Fellow, Art History and World Art Studies)
Detecting the Undetectable? Investigating Transhumance: from Heidi to Prehistoric Stele

25 April 2018
Dr. Sussan Babaie (Courtauld Institute)
For the Love of Joseph: Taste, Blood and Beauty

2 May 2018
Dr. Sarah Lowndes (Research Associate, Norwich University of the Arts)
We are Born as Nouns Not Verbs: Agnes Martin and the New Mexico Desert (1968-2004)

Autumn 2017

04 October, 2017
Dr. Maria Lidova (History, Wolfson College, Oxford)
Under the Protection of the Mother of God: The Oratory of John VII (705-707) in Old St Peter's

11 October, 2017
Dr. Lucy Donkin (History of Art, Bristol)
Delving Beneath the Surface: Representing the Subterranean in Medieval Mining Art

18 October, 2017
Dr. Ashley Coutu (SRU Fellow / Archaeology, University of York)
From an African Savanna to an American Parlour: Uncovering Life Histories of Ivory Objects

25 October, 2017
Dr. Stephanie O’Rourke (Art History, St Andrews)
Caspar David Friedrich and the Geological Sublime

01 November, 2017
Dr. Christina Riggs (Art History and World Art Studies, UEA)
Photographing Tutankhamun: Photo-objects and the Archival Afterlives of Colonial Archaeology

15 November, 2017
Prof. Maria Wyke (Latin, University College London)
Pompeii in Motion: Femininity, the Collective and the Nation in Italian Silent Cinema

22 November, 2017
Dr. Simon Dell (Art History and World Art Studies, UEA)
‘Forward from Wigan Pier': Re-making British Documentary Photography in the 1930s

29 November, 2017
Dr. Teresa Kittler (History of Art, University of York)
“Una specie di convivio" Carla Lonzi's 'Autoritratto' (1969)

06 December, 2017
Dr. Katarzyna Murawska-Muthesius (History of Art, Birkbeck)
The Satirical Object

13 December, 2017
Prof. Joanna Woodall (Courtauld Institute of Art)
Monstrous Masculinity? Hendrick Goltzius's Great Hercules engraving of 1589

Spring 2017

Jan. 25, 2017
Victor Pasmore's Battle for Abstract Art
Dr. Alastair Grieve (former faculty, Art History and World Art Studies)

Feb. 01, 2017
Copley’s Fiascos: Art and Estrangement across the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic
Dr. Sarah Monks (Art History and World Art Studies)

Feb. 08, 2017
The Body Inside Out. Anatomical Memory at Maubuisson Abbey (1252-1792)
Dr. Jack Hartnell (Art History and World Art Studies)

Feb. 22, 2017
Materialising Manifestation: Cloth, Masquerade and (Not) Seeing in Ekiti Yoruba Performance
Dr. Will Rea (SRU Visiting Research Fellow)

Mar. 08, 2017
The Rock Art and Burial Practices of Western Sahara
Dr. Joanne Clarke (Art History and World Art Studies)

Mar. 22, 2017
The Surrealist Toy
Prof. David Hopkins (History of Art, University of Glasgow)

Apr. 26, 2017
Art, Objects and Ideas in the Records of the Medieval Court of Chivalry
Dr. Julian Luxford (School of Art History, University of St Andrews)

May 03, 2017
Carving Romanesque Chiaroscuro
Dr. Agata Gomółka (Art History and World Art Studies)

May 10, 2017
The Cognitive Turn in Art History
Łukasz Kędziora (PhD candidate, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland)

May 17, 2017
On Border and Fluidity: Marking, Crossing and Experiencing the Frontier
Between Modena and Bologna in the Early Modern Period

Dr. Miriana Carbonara (Art History and World Art Studies)

May 24, 2017
“Down the nave to pace in motion slow”. Space and Beholder in Nineteenth-Century Sacred Architecture and the St Mary’s Church Studley Royal
Prof. Wojciech Bałus (Cracow University of Technology, Poland)

Autumn 2016

Sep. 28, 2016    
How and Why did Figurative Art and Music Appear in the Archaeological Record 40,000 years ago?
Dr. Nicholas Conard (Abteilung Ältere Urgeschichte und Quatärökologie, University of Tübingen)

Oct. 5, 2016   
Unreason and the Archaeology of Silence
Professor Dana Arnold, Art History and World Art Studies

Oct. 12, 2016   
Voices of the Dead: Sculpture and Ventriloquism in the Middle Ages
Dr. Jessica Barker, Art History and World Art Studies

Oct. 19, 2016     
Global Post-Impressionism?
Dr Sam Rose, School of Art History, University of St Andrews

Oct. 26, 2016    
Imagined Communities in the Greater Mapungubwe Landscape
Dr. Ceri Ashley, SRU Visiting Research Fellow

Nov. 2, 2016   
Diverse and Distinct: Figurative Objects from Cyprus during the Middle – Late Bronze Age Transition
Dr. Daisy Knox, Dept. of Archaeology, University of Manchester