Forthcoming and past events Forthcoming and past events

Events so far in 2013 have included talks by Professor John Mack (SIFA) (Sprits without passports: possession and modernity in eastern Africa), Dr. Susan Gagliardi (Masquerading for the Public: Contemporary Arts of Hunters' Associations in Western Burkina Faso) (CUNY, City University of New York/ Sainsbury Research Unit Visiting Fellow) and Dr Anne Haour (SRU/SIFA) on the third field season of research on the archaeology and ethnography of northern Bénin.

Forthcoming events

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Past events

  • An Artist's Talk by Atta Kwame
  • In conversation with Enid Schildkrout, Chief Curator of the Museum for African Art, New York
  • Ceri Ashley, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, University College London - Migration, Missionaries and Contact: Recent research on the archaeology of the Khwebe Hills, Botswana.
  • Lisa Binder, Assistant Curator for Contemporary Africa at the Museum for African Art, New York - The life and times of a young curator in New York City.
  • Dr. Sam Nixon (UCL Institute of Archaeology) - Tadmakka : The archaeology of an early medieval Muslim merchant town on the trans-Saharan trail to West Africa (Republic of Mali).
  • Laurence Douny (UCL Department of Anthropology) - Wild silk of West Africa: the production of silk indigo wrappers of Dogon and Marka Dafing people of Mali and Burkina Faso
  • Dr Alexandre Livingstone-Smith (Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium) - Not a mere lump of clay in the potters hands: pottery traditions and social boundaries in Katanga (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • Professor Kevin MacDonald, University College London - Sorotomo: Oral Tradition and Archaeology of a Malian Centre of Power (AD 1200-1500)

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