The study and appreciation of art across time and cultures... The study and appreciation of art across time and cultures...

Bringing together expertise in the arts from the five inhabited continents, our research draws on the disciplines of art history, archaeology, anthropology and museology to develop new frameworks of enquiry in the cross-disciplinary environment which characterises our work. Researchers work on the arts of Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Art History and World Art Studies is a member of the Sainsbury Institute for Art (SIfA). The following organisations are also SIfA members:

Together, we provide a dynamic combination of disciplinary perspectives, expertise and activities that has no direct comparators in the UK or elsewhere. The work we do in SIfA is at the forefront of research, innovative approaches to education and public engagement.

We communicate our research through conferences, lectures,seminars and workshops, as well as through exhibitions at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art and throughout our strong network of collaborating museums in the UK and around the globe. During term time SIfA hosts a weekly public World Art Seminar in the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

Since 2008, SIfA has been awarded grants totalling more than £4 million by a broad range of funding organisations. This funding has enabled us to undertake a considerable number of research projects and to disseminate the results to scholarly and general audiences through many publications and events.

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