List of Current Post Graduate Research (PGR) Students in ART



Thesis Title

Francesca Bove

George Morland: The Making of the Modern Artist

Alexandra Burston

Figurative Painting and Post-War British Art, 1945-1970

Sarah Cassell

Structure and Image in Late Medieval East Anglian Angel Roofs

Lloyd de Beer

Alabaster Carvings of Medieval England in Their Wider Context

John Evans

Civic Improvements in Collections of Topographic Views c.1832

Kate Fisher

How has history of art understood meaning in the irreducible visual medium of its objects? Four art historiographical examples.

Daniel Frampton

The Case for the Defence of the Christian Past: the Last Stand of the 'Old Western Men' in the Name of Tradition Against Modernity, 1960-1970

Katherine Gazzard

Portraiture and the British Naval Officer, 1739-1805

Maarten Horn

Dress to Impress: the Role of Jewellery in Social Constructions in Late Neolithic Egypt

David Hulks

World Art History: Towards a Complex Adaptive Systems Approach

Rania Jaber

Art in Translation and Diaspora: The Work of Three Lebanese Women Artists

Alexander Jackson

Critical Mass: Art Writing and Popular Periodicals, 1877-1913

Alice Lyons

Dying to be Roman: Adopting a Roman Way of Death in the Provinces

Maja Michaliszyn

Pietro Longhi's Oblique Perspective: Venetian Painting, Its Past and Its Present

Claudia Milburn

The Draughtsmanship of Obsession: Alberto Giacometti

Anastasia Moskvina

Alignment and Axiality in Anglo-Saxon Architecture, 6th–9th Centuries

Alexandra Politis

The Union & The Imaginative Leap: Images of the Soane Museum in Britton's First Guidebook

Nicholas Trend

Wighton: the church, the town and its people 1400-1500

Yi-Ting Tsai

Sino-British Cultural Interaction in the 19th Century: George Chinnery's Chinese-era Paintings, 1825-1852

Alison Wright

British Sporting and Animal Art, 1760-1840

Vassil Yordanov

Tradition & Modernity: British Academic Art 1910-1950

Nadine Zubair

Woodcarving from the Punjab: Journeys and Encounters in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries