The Martindale Lecture Series The Martindale Lecture Series

Professor Andrew Martindale, the distinguished art historian, died tragically in May 1995. He joined UEA in 1965 as Senior Lecturer in the History of Art, becoming Professor of Visual Art in 1974. He was a long-standing and much loved member of what is became The School of Art History and World Art Studies under his leadership.

At the time of Andrew Martindale's death many friends and colleagues made donations to a memorial fund. As a result we have been able to present public lectures in his honour since 1998.


MArtindale Lectures since 1998 MArtindale Lectures since 1998

Previous Martindale Lectures

A list of Martindale Lectures held between 1998-2014 is listed below.

1998:  Neil MacGregor (National Gallery, London)

The Word Made Flesh: The Problems of Painting God

1999:  Prof Francis Haskell (University of Oxford)

Botticelli in the Service of Fascism

2000:  Dr Charles Saumarez Smith (National Portrait Gallery)

The Future of the Museum

2001:  Dr Evelyn Welch (University of Sussex)

Clowns, Courtiers and Painters: Art and Experience in the Italian Renaissance Court

2002:  Prof Peter Humfrey (University of St Andrews)

Love and Wine in Renaissance Ferrara: The Patronage of Alfonso d'Este

2003:  Prof Paul Binski (University of Cambridge)

Thomas Becket, Francis of Assisi and the Birth of the Altarpiece

2004:  Prof Paul Crossley (Courtauld Institute of Art)

The Holistic Cathedral: Medieval Reality or Modern Fantasy?

2005:  Prof Eric Fernie (Courtauld Institute of Art)

Romanesque Architecture, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

2006:  Prof Henk Van Os (University of Amsterdam)

A Masterpiece and its Meanings: Fifty Years of Simone Martini's Annunciation

2007:  Prof Hans Belting (State Academy of Design Karlsruhe)

Painted Poetry in Renaissance Venice

2008:  Prof Paul Hills (Courtauld Institute of Art)

Cloths, Clouds and Sacred Signs in the Art of Lorenzo Lotto

2009:  Prof Roger Stalley (Trinity College Dublin)

Artist or Artisan? The Stone Sculptor in the Early Middle Ages

2010:  Dr Anne Dunlop (Tulane University, New Orleans)

Castagno's David

2011:  Dr Joanna Cannon (Courtauld Institute of Art)

Giotto's Great Crucifix of the Friars of Santa Maria Novella in Florence

2012:  Professor Brendan Cassidy (St Andrews University)

The Cult of Raphael in Britain: from the Tudors to the Victorians

2013:  Professor Bronwen Wilson (UEA)

Moving Pictures: the horizon, inscription and early modern Mediterranean travel

2014:  Dr Alixe Bovey (University of Kent)

Making Giants for the City of London, c. 1400-c.1800: Sculptors, Printers, Performers