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Alumni from the Sainsbury Institute of Art include museum directors and curators, leading academics, and art gallery owners. Our students have also gone on to careers in design, journalism, primary and secondary education, business, the public sector, and the charity sector.

We host regular reunions for alumni, who are welcome to attend all of our events

We maintain a list of former students; please contact us if you would like to be added to it, or if you are interested in featuring your work on our website. In addition, we are always looking for alumni who would be willing to speak to current students about career choices and professional development, or join our mentoring scheme for final-year undergraduates.

You can find further information for alumni, including Alumni Association membership and the Alumni Benefits Card, through the UEA Alumni Relations office website.

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Emily Peirson-Webber
Research Manager
Department of Research
IWM (Imperial War Museums)

MA Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies 2013

"In October 2013 I began a new role as the Research Manager in the Department of Research at Imperial War Museums. Research at IWM aims to develop understanding of the history of modern war and wartime experience through the rich and diverse collections we hold. I am responsible for the progression of research project grant applications and for support across the Research initiative. I am also privileged to be able to work on the IWM's permanent Holocaust Exhibition, which was directed by the Head of Research, Suzanne Bardgett."

"My MA dissertation focused on the uses of Great War memory in the construction of modern British identity, and during my time studying Cultural Heritage I was also very interested in the presentation of "difficult heritage" in a museum environment. I am delighted that these interests are something which I can pursue whilst at IWM. I am particularly excited about the approaching First World War Centenary, as IWM is leading the First World War Centenary Partnership. Additionally in summer 2014, a transformed IWM London will opening along with brand new First World War Galleries which will offer new stories and perspectives on the first global war."


Sokratis Kioussis
Goulandris Natural History Museum
Kifissia, Athens

Ph.D. School of Art History and World Art Studies 2011

"Coming from a background as inspiring and dynamic as that of the School of Art History and World Art Studies, I was fortunate to have entered an equally stimulating setting. I am currently working at the Goulandris Natural History Museum in Kifissia, Athens, on a short-term project sponsored by the European Union, primarily focusing on museum planning and curating. The museum provides a constructive environment where I am applying the knowledge and skills I acquired at UEA and honing them to my selected area of expertise."