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The ARRISA-UK study has begun randomisation of GP practices.

Practice randomisation has begun in the ARRISA-UK study among the practices which had previously expressed an interest in the study, completed the  GP Survey have recently done the searches to identify patients with increased at risk for severe asthma events. This has started in the Norfolk area and the study will roll out from there. In addition several other practices are in the final stages of setup.

There have been a further 65+ practices which have expressed interest and are at various stages of doing the initial practice survey, contractual signup with UEA, and initial patient searches to identify at risk patients. These are in locations around Kent & Medway, Wessex, and the North Thames region of London. Further invitations to participate in the study have been and are being sent to practices in the Eastern Region. Work to expand the study to other regions is underway, including Scotland, Wales, South West Peninsula, Greater Manchester, East Midlands and the North East.

Practice recruitment has resumed. We will be in touch with interested practices as soon as possible.

Practice recruitment has resumed. We will be in touch with interested practices as soon as possible.

OPC contracted for anonymous data extraction

The company Optimum Patient Care Ltd. a social enterprise supporting medical research and services to improve the diagnosis, treatment and care of chronic diseases within Primary Care, has been contracted to provide data extraction services for the ARRISA-UK study.

Study Extension

Our funder the HTA, has agreed to an extension of the study for 9 months. This was the result of the substantial additional work and time required when we found that our original anonymous data extraction provider (CPRD) would not be able to provide all of the service required. We then tendered for a new provider and identified Optimum Patient Care (OPC) as the winner. HTA reviewed our project and approved of our new approach. To cover the time required for this delay to change our data extraction service, HTA have now confirmed that an extension of the study for 9 months has been approved.

Study Launch

We have just started our work and are busy with getting the relevant permissions and setting up our office and processes. See our press release for details.