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Practice Randomisation Closed

As of 30/4/2108 GP practice randomisation is now closed. Because of the practices in the pipeline, having completed almost all of the tasks for randomisation at the point of closing down the randomisation process, and also concerns to address a small number of practices withdrawing from the intervention, in discussion with the trial Data Monitoring Committee (DMC), in total 275 practices were randomised. 139 are in the Intervention arm while 136 are in the control arm.

Work in now ongoing to complete the implementation at these practices. 

It should be noted that recruitment of study participants will continue insofar as further GP practice staff may participate in the training and in completion of study data collection tools. Also participants in the interviews and focus groups will continue for the following year.  

Recruitment update

Thanks to all the hard work from practices and UKCRN, we have  randomised a total of 241 practices so far, and are now moving into the final stages of recruitment. We’re still looking to boost ours numbers in Scotland, so if you know of any Scottish practices (particularly those using Vision) who might be interested please ask them to contact the study team.

Confirmation that ARRISA is still recruiting

We have heard from sources in 2 different regions of the country that they have heard that the ARRISA study has filled its recruitment target. This is not at all true, but it is an interpretation that can arise from an incomplete look at our data from the UKCRN ODP platform. The problem is that our “Target” is expressed in GP Practices and it is 262 practices, while at the same time the recruitment achievement -accruals- is now ~450 (and thus appears to be 171% of target).  However the 450 accruals are participants – people  - GP surgery staff, and there are 3 or more per practice.  A classic apples and oranges comparison.

The information that explains this situation; that our target is expressed in "GP Practices" and that the number of our our accruals -expressed in "persons/participants" - and thus will be much larger,  is in the separate field: "Description of Sample Size". The ARRISA-UK study design is different from most studies and measuring study progress by simple division of "Participants recruited to-date" by "Study Level Targets", which works appropriately for other studies, is completely misleading for ARRISA.  It results in an apparently vast overestimate of our recruitment.  And unfortunately there is no place readily visible in the UKCRN CPMS site where this can be made clear.  

At our current 143 randomised practices we are at about 55% of our target of practices - doing well, but needing to recruit many more.

So. We just want to say: Pay no attention to anyone who tells you that ARRISA-UK has already recruited to and beyond its target. (Or even, though only if you want to, please correct them.)

Practice Recruitment continues

The study has now randomised 143 practices. 

-We anticipate that we will continue to recruit and randomise practice into the study until early 2018. 

Practice Recruitment over halfway complete!

The ARRISA-UK Trial has recruited over half of the target of 262 practices for the study. The magic halfway point of 131 was passed today. 

Webinars Started

The first Webinar for intervention practices has been successfully held by Dr Mike Noble of the Acle Medical Practice via the Cisco Webex platform. It is an opportunity for intervention practices to have a chance to review and discuss the training, asking any questions about the intervention at their practice.

ARRISA Online Training Starts

ARRISA Online Training Starts

The first intervention practices in ARRISA have been given their links to the online training website.

The ARRISA-UK study has begun randomisation of GP practices.

Practice randomisation has begun in the ARRISA-UK study among the practices which had previously expressed an interest in the study, completed the  GP Survey have recently done the searches to identify patients with increased at risk for severe asthma events. This has started in the Norfolk area and the study will roll out from there. In addition several other practices are in the final stages of setup.

There have been a further 65+ practices which have expressed interest and are at various stages of doing the initial practice survey, contractual signup with UEA, and initial patient searches to identify at risk patients. These are in locations around Kent & Medway, Wessex, and the North Thames region of London. Further invitations to participate in the study have been and are being sent to practices in the Eastern Region. Work to expand the study to other regions is underway, including Scotland, Wales, South West Peninsula, Greater Manchester, East Midlands and the North East.

Practice recruitment has resumed. We will be in touch with interested practices as soon as possible.

Practice recruitment has resumed. We will be in touch with interested practices as soon as possible.

OPC contracted for anonymous data extraction

The company Optimum Patient Care Ltd. a social enterprise supporting medical research and services to improve the diagnosis, treatment and care of chronic diseases within Primary Care, has been contracted to provide data extraction services for the ARRISA-UK study.

Study Extension

Our funder the HTA, has agreed to an extension of the study for 9 months. This was the result of the substantial additional work and time required when we found that our original anonymous data extraction provider (CPRD) would not be able to provide all of the service required. We then tendered for a new provider and identified Optimum Patient Care (OPC) as the winner. HTA reviewed our project and approved of our new approach. To cover the time required for this delay to change our data extraction service, HTA have now confirmed that an extension of the study for 9 months has been approved.

Study Launch

We have just started our work and are busy with getting the relevant permissions and setting up our office and processes. See our press release for details.
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