How languages, cultures and people are ‘translated' across borders How languages, cultures and people are ‘translated' across borders

Working alongside our colleagues in the School of Languages and Communication, researchers in this group are pioneering work into the ethics and politics of border crossings; the experiences of liminal spaces and people; and the ways in which languages, cultures and people are ‘translated' across borders

Staff and research interests

Hilary Emmett Eighteenth and nineteenth century American literature and culture; transatlantic and transpacific American studies; American classicism; children's literature; US-Australian comparative literatures.
Nicholas Grant African American and black international history; the history of the African diaspora, Africa and transnational political and cultural movements in the twentieth century.
Wendy McMahon Contemporary U.S. literature and culture; Latin American and Caribbean literature and culture; Cuban and Cuban-American literature and culture; Spanish colonialism in the Americas and literatures of conquest; masculinity and nation building / nationhood; literatures of exile (and issues of identity and belonging); the relationship between the body, culture, and capital; the relationship between literature and history; literature and philosophy;  literary theory. 
Rebecca Tillett Twentieth and twenty-first century multiethnic American literature and film, with particular emphases upon contemporary Native American writers and film makers; Writings of the American Southwest, including Border Studies, ecocritical writing, the relationships between literature and place, environmental racism, and environmental justice; the politics of contemporary resistance writings and the relationships between texts and politics; and Race and Postcolonial theory.