Examining the shaping of racial, ethnic and gender identities Examining the shaping of racial, ethnic and gender identities

Exploring the shaping of racial, ethnic and gender identities, the Representation and Identity Studies research group examines experiences of trauma and cultural dislocation, as well as the formations of identity in intercultural communication. They demonstrate special expertise in the fields of adolescence and female identity; Native peoples; slavery and antebellum America; quilting and African American cultural history. 

Staff and research interests

Jacqueline Fear-Segal Native American history; the American West; photographs as historical sources; immigration and Americanisation; race and racism; museum studies; history of childhood; and, more generally, the history of the USA from the Civil War to the Cold War.
Rebecca Fraser Gender in 19th Century America, Slavery in the USA, African American culture, Social and cultural histories of Reconstruction.
Rachael McLennan American literature and culture from 1950s to present day, adolescence, youth and aging in American literature and culture; American Autobiography; the Holocaust in American literature and culture.
Jonathan Mitchell US masculinity and national identity; US literature and culture of the 50s and 60s; psychoanalytic theory (Lacan and Žižek); queer theory; narrative theory; and ‘Christian Identity' groups.