Understandings of American literary culture within global contexts Understandings of American literary culture within global contexts

Researchers in the Global and Transnational Communication group examine the movement of the ideas of American culture within transnational frames, and situate understandings of American literary culture within global contexts. 
This work is furthered by a series of strong and active collaborative relationships, including partnerships with Temple University in Philadelphia, with whom we are developing the field of Global US Studies, connecting American Studies centres in Beirut, Brazil, France, Germany, South Korea, Japan. Collaborative research into the field of poetics also takes place with partners at the University of Kent and the University of Sussex. 
The Arthur Miller Centre for American Studies provides a focal point and support for many of these collaborative research initiatives

Staff and research interests

Sarah Garland Style, form, literary and everyday aesthetics; American food cultures and American food writing; Transatlantic modernism; American avant-gardes; aestheticism; collaboration across the arts; image-text intersections, juxtapositions and configurations; taste, consumption, the body; artists' writing and writing about art.
Malcolm McLaughlin 20th Century US history, Violence, Civil Rights, Urban America, The Great Society.
Kaeten Mistry Twentieth century American history; US foreign relations; the international history of the Cold War; historiography and historical narratives; intelligence; transatlantic relations; political and psychological warfare.
Emma Long The US Supreme Court; the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights; history of the First Amendment, particularly church-state relations; US legal history, with a particular focus on the post-1945 period; religion and politics in the US since 1945.
Themis Chronopoulos Twentieth Century United States History, Urban History, Race and Ethnicity, Immigration, Popular Culture, Public Policy, World Cities.