Research staff and interests Research staff and interests

Name Research & Teaching Interests
Prof Christopher Bigsby Contemporary and recent American drama, with a particular focus on Arthur Miller and David Mamet; American literature and culture; American television; National identities; African American history and literature; The city; Creative writing. 
Dr Themis Chronopoulos Twentieth Century United States History, Urban History, Race and Ethnicity, Immigration, Popular Culture, Public Policy, World Cities.
Prof Sarah Churchwell 20th C & contemporary US fiction; biography and life-writing; icons, celebrities and cultural value; films of classical Hollywood; reception histories and the role of audiences/readers; representations of women; film, popular culture and the history of popular literature; and public intellectualism and journalism.
Prof David Peters Corbett American art (particularly painting), c.1850-1950; Anglo-American artistic relations; word & image.
Dr Hilary Emmett Eighteenth and nineteenth century American literature and culture; transatlantic and transpacific American studies; American classicism; children's literature; US-Australian comparative literatures.
Dr Jacqueline Fear-Segal Native American history; the American West; photographs as historical sources; immigration and Americanisation; race and racism; museum studies; history of childhood; and, more generally, the history of the USA from the Civil War to the Cold War.
Dr Rebecca Fraser Gender in 19th Century America, Slavery in the USA, African American culture, Social and cultural histories of Reconstruction.
Dr Sarah Garland
Style, form, literary and everyday aesthetics; American food cultures and American food writing; Transatlantic modernism; American avant-gardes; aestheticism; collaboration across the arts; image-text intersections, juxtapositions and configurations; taste, consumption, the body; artists' writing and writing about art.
Dr Nicholas Grant African American and black international history; the history of the African diaspora, Africa and transnational political and cultural movements in the twentieth century.
Dr Ross Hair Modern and postmodern American poetry; collage and intertextual poetics; ecopoetry and the poetics of place; pastoral; late twentieth-century transatlantic poetry networks; American poetry and music; the continuing legacy of Romanticism and Transcendentalism in modern and postmodern American poetry; twentieth-century American poetry and western esotericism.
Dr Emma Long The US Supreme Court; the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights; history of the First Amendment, particularly church-state relations; US legal history, with a particular focus on the post-1945 period; religion and politics in the US since 1945
Dr Malcolm Mclaughlin 20th Century US history, Violence, Civil Rights, Urban America, The Great Society.
Dr Rachael Mclennan American literature and culture from 1950s to present day, adolescence, youth and aging in American literature and culture; American Autobiography; the Holocaust in American literature and culture.
Dr Wendy Mcmahon Contemporary U.S. literature and culture; Latin American and Caribbean literature and culture; Cuban and Cuban-American literature and culture; Spanish colonialism in the Americas and literatures of conquest; masculinity and nation building / nationhood; literatures of exile (and issues of identity and belonging); the relationship between the body, culture, and capital; the relationship between literature and history; literature and philosophy;  literary theory. 
Dr Kaeten Mistry Twentieth century American history; US foreign relations; the international history of the Cold War; historiography and historical narratives; intelligence; transatlantic relations; political and psychological warfare.
Dr Jonathan Mitchell US masculinity and national identity; US literature and culture of the 50s and 60s; psychoanalytic theory (Lacan and Žižek); queer theory; narrative theory; and ‘Christian Identity' groups.
Prof Nick Selby American literature, American poetry (especially experimental poetry) and poetics, Ecocriticism, Modernism, Whitman, Melville, The Beats, Postwar American art, poetic difficulty and the ethics of close-reading.
Dr Thomas Ruys Smith Nineteenth century literature and culture; Mark Twain; New Orleans and the Mississippi River; Transatlantic culture in the nineteenth century; American music history; the South and early West; outlaws; popular culture.
Dr Rebecca Tillett Twentieth and twenty-first century multiethnic American literature and film, with particular emphases upon contemporary Native American writers and film makers; Writings of the American Southwest, including Border Studies, ecocritical writing, the relationships between literature and place, environmental racism, and environmental justice; the politics of contemporary resistance writings and the relationships between texts and politics; and Race and Postcolonial theory.


We welcome PhD applicants in any of the above topics, but we also supervise across a much wider range. 

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