The Skin of Objects Conference The Skin of Objects Conference

The Skin of Objects: Rethinking Surfaces in Visual Cultures

Saturday 27 June 2015

The Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery, working together with the Tate Gallery’s ARTIST ROOM, is hosting an exhibition of work by the American artist, Jeff Koons. Internationally known for imitating commonplace objects in his work, Koons’ art pushes boundaries and questions, What is art? The School of Art, Media and American Studies (AMA) is eager to seize this opportunity to engage with this unique exhibition to foster public debate about the questions his artwork raises. Consolidating the focus of these questions to the notion of the ‘surface,’ AMA will work closely with the Norwich Castle Museum to host an interdisciplinary postgraduate conference entitled, The Skin of Objects: Rethinking Surfaces in Visual Culture on June 27th 2015.

The programme of this conference will consist of six papers discussing topics relating to visual arts, art history, and film. These varied topics will prove appealing and helpful to university students from diverse research areas across the humanities. Additionally, this conference seeks to foster stimulating conversations and debates between not only the international and academic community, but also amongst the local public. Conversations and debates centring on the materiality of the objects will be even more stimulating as the artworks in discussion will be present for the participants to engage with first-hand.

The process of organizing this conference has strengthened the close relationship between the Norwich Castle Museum and the Department of Art History and World Art Studies, promising a continued excellent basis for future endeavours.


Registration is via Norwich Castle. Please call 01603 495897 or 493625.

Registration is £10 including lunch.

Free to students and young people under 25 years with optional lunch at £6.50.