Scholar's welcome event Scholar's welcome event


The University opened its doors to welcome the 51 new scholarship recipients at its annual scholars' welcome event on Wednesday 17 October. Many scholarships at UEA are supported by alumni and friends of the University, supporting a vast range of subjects, and helping enable talented students to thrive. 

Three of this years’ recipients share the impact the scholarships have had for them.

Lauren Mooney (LDC), David Higham Scholarship Prose

“How could I, how did anyone, make a Masters work? Trying to save in London while earning just above living wage was an uphill battle. As much as I toyed with the idea of a postgraduate loan, it felt like taking a problem and kicking it down the road, where it would be waiting to trip me up in a year or two. Then, I ended up on UEA’s website. I barely read about the course; I was too pragmatic and too cynical to get emotionally invested in something I didn’t think I could have. Instead, I went straight to the fees and funding section - and found so many scholarships listed.

"Having received a scholarship for my undergraduate degree, which made it possible for me to go to university without ever having to ask my parents for a penny (a life-changing feeling for a first-generation student), it was seeing those scholarships listed that made me think, This is a place that might want me as I am. It made me think maybe it was possible, or worth throwing my hat in the ring, at least. That you support people to attend this course is part of the reason I applied in the first place; that you supported me is the reason I am able to be here now. I was overjoyed to get my offer, convinced I would have to ‘make it work somehow’, but I honestly don’t know how I would have managed it without this scholarship. I’m more grateful than I can ever say.”

Elliot Tovell (MTH), The Edward and Ivy Rose Hood Memorial Scholarship

“A lot of the people I speak to seem to hold a rather pessimistic view of the future of humanity and life on Earth. They blame us for overpopulating and destroying the planet with our greed. I am one of the few people with a very optimistic view. I believe that there is a solution to every problem, and by combining the greatest minds of the human machine, we can overcome any obstacle. I want to see people on Mars. I want to see Fusion Tokamaks powering megacities with clean energy and to create a better world for future generations, including (hopefully one day) my own children. 

“I believe that Science can provide me with the power to make my wildest dreams come true. There is a Latin phrase that has been embedded in my mind ever since I first learnt it – ‘Scientia potentia est’, which translates to ‘knowledge is power’. I am now in the process of pursuing knowledge, to gain the power, to create the world that I want to live in. I am truly thankful for the generosity of the Edward and Ivy Rose Hood Memorial Fund Scholarship, it has provided me with an added motivation to achieve to the best of my ability, through my own hard work and self-discipline, to reach for the stars and beyond.”

Katherine Letley (DEV), The Difference Postgraduate Scholarship

“I decided to study International Development following a trip to India where I worked in a maternity unit and alongside student nurses at a university in Belgaum. The poverty and inequality in healthcare provision was stark, and I felt called to pursue a career in development to broaden my horizons towards midwifery on the global platform. I am hoping that with an MA in International Development I will be able to do an internship/work placement with the United Nations, World Health Organisation, British Red Cross or similar establishment to gain valuable work experience in the field of international healthcare development. 

“I plan to integrate this internship into the programme as we have the opportunity to do a work placement and report instead of a dissertation. I am really enjoying the course, the lecturers are very enthusiastic about their topics and I have enjoyed meeting like-minded people from all corners of the globe. My career aspirations are to fight the inequalities in maternal health care provision and infant health, to understand why the inequalities exist and to share my knowledge and expertise to help to improve the lives of women in the developing world. The Difference Scholarship will make a huge difference to my ability to study effectively, and commit myself wholeheartedly to the course.”

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