Dr Corbett Dr Corbett

We are very sorry to learn that Dr Bill Corbett, a much respected friend and colleague from ENV, passed away in April 2016. Bill had been associated with the School from more or less its inception until the early 2000s.  

I believe the association began when Bill used office space in the School while working for the Soil Survey of England and Wales. Later, following reorganisation of the Soil Survey, he was assimilated into the School as a Senior Demonstrator. In the 1990s, Bill undertook a PhD supervised by Keith Clayton. Bill’s knowledge of Norfolk soils was unsurpassed; his enthusiasm for soil science, East Anglian Quaternary geology and life in general was simply uplifting. Bill was a quiet and unassuming character with a great sense of humour; he contributed so much to the School in many ways, regularly participating at Slapton and in the ENV cricket team of the 1980s.

When we celebrated Bill’s last appearance at Slapton in 2000 it was noted that ‘…we should not see his like again’. Cliché maybe but definitely true. I think Bill would be pleased to know that he is remembered in ENV and would be even more pleased to think you might raise a glass of scotch in his memory.


Prof Julian Andrews
School of Environmental Sciences