Brenda and Stanley Shapiro Brenda and Stanley Shapiro

Doctors Brenda and Stanley Shapiro were awarded their Doctor of Philosophy degrees in 1968 and 1969 respectively. Both undertook their research in the Department of Physical Sciences, headed by Professor A.R. Katritzky.

The Shapiros were born in Johannesburg in South Africa where they attended Wiswatersrand University. Following their work at UEA, they moved to Toronto in Canada where Stanley held a post at the University of Toronto while Brenda entered teaching. Eventually both made teaching their career and were rewarded with the respect of both fellow staff members and students. The Shapiros were passionate about improving the methods used in the teaching of Chemistry.  his resulted in the publication of the standard school Chemistry textbook, Chemistry at Work (published in 1989 by Cops, Clark, Pittman Ltd.) which was used in most schools across Canada for a number of years. The Shapiros became Heads of their Departments at their final schools with Stanley later becoming Vice-Principal. Brenda had been offered this post at her school, but ill health caused her to decline.  

In October 1990, Brenda passed away following a long illness. Stanley continued with his work and developed a keen interest in Computer Sciences and became much in demand for his skills by the Toronto School system following retirement from teaching. Stanley died in July 2016 also following a long illness. Brenda and Stanley Shapiro are sadly missed by both family and friends, of which I am one. Zichronam Le Vraha.

Submitted by Dr Charles S.P. Jenkins Ph.D., D.Sc.(London), M.D., M.P.H.