50th anniversary for SOC students 50th anniversary for SOC students

In the autumn of 1966 four young men from diverse backgrounds came up to the new University that was UEA to read Social Studies and immediately became friends. 50 years later they came together again, still friends, for a reunion.

Colin Price came from Prestatyn, a small town in North Wales. It proved to be a very long and difficult journey by bus or train and so in the first summer vacation Colin bought an old car to get him to Norwich- a 1955 Rover 90 which he bought for £59. 

It not only did that journey but Colin had a girlfriend at Hull University so he advertised lifts to Yorkshire at weekends and usually filled the car, dividing the petrol costs between the passengers thus getting a (nearly) free ride to Hull!

Alan Townsend hailed from remotest Oxfordshire and also came up in an old car- in his case initially a Ford Popular replacing it later with a 1952 Sunbeam Talbot 90. In the summer of 1968 Alan and Colin took the Sunbeam to France and Italy on a camping holiday.

Simon Penney and Nick Harrison came up from the Home Counties south and north as did many students at that time. They have all kept in touch for 50 years and have visited UEA together several times over the years.

In Colin's case owning the Rover led to a love of classic cars which endured to this day so he decided to make the journey this year to Norwich in his latest restored Rover, a 1961 100. This is the fourth classic Rover he has restored over the half century.
Nick's Wife Pam and Alan's wife Dawn joined them on the visit which was a great success. A big thank you to Joyce Griffin in the UEA Development team who really helped the day go well.

Written by Colin Price